Introduction to Aikido - September 2018

Introduction to Aikido - September 2018


These classes are aimed at those people who are interested in trying out Aikido for the first time. Our dojo will teach you how to develop a unique form of coordination, balance and strength based on thousands of years old Asian principles which are the basis for Taiji or T'ai chi ch’uan and all internal martial arts as well as Yoga.

The workshop is suitable for all students no matter your age or health. We will be working with breath, body alignment and movement using the 3 internal co-ordinations and the 3 external co-ordinations.

This introduction is aimed at introducing Aikido to you as well as the movement system we employ in all of our practices, without this movement system, martial arts are simply an empty copy of what they once were. These classes aren't about fighting, they’re about you and how to move using the weight of gravity and the solidity of the ground to realise a new form of strength.

We’re running these workshops every Thursday throughout September and October starting September 14th, 2018. The cost is £28 for a 6 week block. 

These workshops are free to all pay monthly Aikido or Yoga members. For all new participants we will cover your worldwide insurances.

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