Chishin Dojo Re-Opens... Thursday June 20th

This Thursday, June 20th, Chishin Dojo is re-opening at our new, permanent 24/7 dojo.

The class will start at 7pm and go on until 9pm or so and the teaching will be mixed between the dojo teachers. 

Please come along to support the dojo - this is a huge investment in everyone's future and we need as much help and support from present and future members as you can give.  

If you've been away for a while and busy with life when you see the new space you will want to get back on the mat - we have new classes, new times and new ideas. We will not just be offering Aikido but also Internal Strength (Jin), Yoga, Pilates and many other things.

In case you've not seen the mat space - please check out the construction video and gallery here.