Chishin Dojo came about through a need and desire to provide a space to offer a unique style of Aikido, Internal Strength, Yoga and Sports Therapy to a range of people. We understand the importance of community and hope to create a common connection among our students and friends.

At Chishin Dojo we want to make Aikido accessible to everyone. We open our doors to all people regardless of ability, race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality. Our mission is to promote 'unity in diversity'. We are a not-for-profit community based group, so any surplus profit is reinvested in the dojo, our teachers and social enterprise. The dojo has several schemes and options available to make Aikido affordable to those on a low income. 

We directly follow the teaching of Hiroshi Ikeda sensei with not only an emphasis on his internal elements but also his desire to bring together teachers and students from different Aikido organisations and backgrounds to share their skills, build friendships, and support the future growth of Aikido. 

We are also at the forefront of a wave to reintroduce 6 Harmonies movement back into Aikido - it is our belief that without this movement system then Aikido is nothing but an external copy of what it should be, we analyse and incorporate 6H movement into our aikido through the invaluable help and support of Mike Sigman.


John Burn, Dojo Cho, Aikido & 6H Movement

Michael Robinson, Yoga & Sports Therapy

Andy McLean, Aikido, Head of Children's Aikido



Mateusz Matusiak, 6H Movement

John Bickerstaffe, Aikido

Robert Hegedus, Aikido

Len Kelly, Aikido

Ian Backhouse, Aikido