Mon: 7:15p - 8:45p


On this class we study the art of ukemi (how to receive a technique with the body) and how to become a good uke. This class includes elements on 6H movement (internal strength practices) and will very quickly build up into allowing good progress on our Aikido classes.

There is no formal dogi needed for this class - just comfortable clothes.


Aikido Syllabus

Tue: 7:15p - 8:45p


This class is intended to focus on those students who wish to progress through the ranks and obtain recognition from Hombu Dojo in Japan. We focus mainly on syllabus work.


Aikido Fundamentals

Wed: 7:15p - 8:45p


Our fundamentals classes are always open to all students but mainly serve as a good introduction to Aikido. This is the best place to start when you’re a new student - it’s also very much recommended that you also try to attend the Jin class as well as the Ukemi focussed class.


6H Workshops

Thu: 7:15p - 8:15p


These classes are aimed at those people who are interested in developing a unique form of coordination, balance and strength based on thousands of years old Asian principles which are the basis for Taiji and all internal martial arts as well as Yoga.

The workshop is suitable for all students no matter your age or health - this  is not about martial arts but about promoting a new way of moving. We will be working with breath, body alignment and a body co-ordination using 3 internal co-ordinations with the 3 external co-ordinations.

There is no formal dogi needed for these workshops - just comfortable clothes.


Junior Aikido

Fri: 6:30p - 8p


This is our main class for the Junior members of the dojo - you can start from a young as 4 years old. Please come along, the class is light, fun and above all taught in a safe and nurturing environment by a very senior teacher.


Open Aikido

Sat: 10:30a - 12p


This is our open class, intended for individuals, families and juniors. 


Internal Strength

Sun: 10:30a - 13p


An analysis and study of internal strength and how it relates to Ueshiba’s Aikido thanks to Mike Sigman. This is our laboratory class - questions and ideas are very welcome. You will start to retrain your body movement on this class - it’s open to anyone - not just Aikido students.

There is no formal dogi needed for this class - just comfortable clothes.